One day, sooner or later, you will meet someone, a friend, a lover or partner, someone who will change your whole world. Things will never be the same again, you will change. And you can't imagine a life without that person now. That someone is a part of your everyday life. That person will change the way you see things. I'm speaking of that someone who will bring out the best of you, the best version, but also brings out a side of you you had no idea existed. I'm writing about that someone who will make you laugh like you haven't before, that someone who will make you feel alive. But also, naturally, make you show the vulnerable side. The real you, the one who cries sometimes. This someone is going to, at some point, make you so mad you want to hit something, but forgivness will always be an obvious choice, becuse you love this person. And even those days when feel like there's too much pain you will remember all the good days, all the laughs, all those memories will flash by. And you won't let go, because you love. This, this is love. Joy and pain, all together, is love. There is no such thing as a perfect relationship. But it is love. Hold on to that someone.

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