I actually like this photo. Emotions.
I feel so incredibly empty. I hate it. I hate this season, this
holiday... This christmas is painful.
Now i'm just being honest cuz that's what I am. I'm not a liar.
I think honesty is important.
I so miss the old times, sometimes, when we all used to
be gathered together and having a good time. Sharing laughters.
This year I spent the night alone in my room watching OC.
Oh yeah, after having christmas dinner with mum...
Shit. I so long for my OWN family, my husband and kids, to
celebrate this (supposed to be) wonderful holiday.
One thing that I'm actually gratful for is that God gave his
only, you hear me (?) ONLY son do die for US. (Thank God!)
Now THAT is one deed that you can't call selfish!
One deed out of love. I'm, at least, super gratful.
I know I would be dead if it wasn't for Him. :)
So.. just felt I had to write and get some feelings and
thoughts out of me. I'm sad. Honestly. I'm in pain. Honestly.
I feel lonely. HONESTY. Yeah.. braap... word.


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