Exercise is joy

It is a fact and it is TRUE that exercise/work out makes your
body HAPPY. Exercise makes you feel good! From expereience
I do know that. Trust me.

If you are sad, if you are depressed, or just not feeling good
(now, I don't mean if you are sick and stuff like that: in that
case, STAY HOME) get your ass out there! Take a walk,
go for a running, go to the gym, go ZUMBA, take dance lessons,
do whatever you like to do! And don't be afraid to try something new.
If you are not used to power walk than try that! If you have NEVER in
your entire life gone out running, DO THAT! T R Y.

I notice that when I don't exercise I am tired, I am pretty often
in a bad mood, my emotions are like a roller coaster, I am
annoyed, I am just simply...down. So I took my ass out for
a run today. I did it. I did my best and you know what?
I already feel way much better. Exercise is good for all of us.
Small or big people, doesn't matter.



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