A poem

I want to write you a poem. I want it to be poetic, beautiful.
When it comes to you, I'm suddenly an excellent 'author'.
I want to write down everything I feel for you. Bad and good things.
Every thought. Every feeling. I wish you could understand.
I wish I could write you a song, but unfortunately I'm not good
at rimes. I'm just good at writing what I feel. If it's love I'm even
better. Someday, maybe, I will write you a letter, where I explain
everything. Just to get it out of my system. Now that we know where
we have each other, it cannot harm. Only encourage and bring joy.
I want to make you smile! I want to make you happy! I want to make
you laugh! Just as much you make me smile and laugh at things I surprisely
find funny. You mean a lot to me, my dear friend. You are one of my
dearest. Always have been and always will.
I want to write you a poem. I want it to be poetic and beautiful,
without any misinterpretations. I want to write you a poem..


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